Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling like "The Other"

A Picture of Sol Mart (솔마트), a chain Korean grocery
store in Singapore. A bit overpriced.
Every day I see Korean people in here, and whenever they pass me by, I just couldn't help but turn my head and stare at them a few more seconds. Not that I feel any affinity with Korean people, but just there is some empathy down my throat. I know they probably are having the feeling that I used to have when I was in Seoul, that is, being "The Other". This somehow can be depressing, especially when one has an intention to stay in that very place for a longer period of time, or even a whole lifetime. There was a time when I had no where to channel my depression living in Seoul, so I was always acting like crazy; this lasted for several months, until I realized my problems lied not in Seoul or Korea or me or discrimination in general, but my expectation, that I expected to feel dignity, but as an "Other", I was instead entitled to mostly disgrace. Maybe, that is basically why people group, because they wanna create a space entirely of their own, where they are no longer the Other, but the Subject

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