Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Lower-Hip Exposing Virgin (露副臀的Virgin)

Source : CNEWS
Once again I felt disturbed by woman's image in Korea when I saw After School’s 3rd teaser picture for their first official album "Virgin"(버진). And I am to say, the K entertainment is definitely one of the biggest reasons to blame for Korea's never-improving sexism.

By showing your lower hips you are creating an image of "Virgin"?

While Korean male stars are obliged to showing their gigantic muscles (and god knows what else) as if boasting of their sexual potency, female stars are playing such correspondingly role to answer to the prevailing male dominancy.

In this country of wealth and high-tech, a fairer gender cognition is yet to establish, and the journey is uneasy.


韓國是一個標準的"偶像社會",人們有仿傚偶像(政客、運動員、演藝人員)的傾向,你會聽到人們說"買這個yogurt啦,金妍兒代言的!" "這個新的美妝品牌我沒用過耶,不過是卡拉代言的,應該不錯啦!"這類極不理智的決策。正因韓國公眾人物有如此大的影響力,當我看到韓國演藝圈將女性型像塑造得越來越令人髮指,我感到十分不舒服。

After School (애프터스쿨)用"露副臀"當做名為"Virgin"("버진")的專輯的宣傳照,此舉堪比日本AV寫真的文案,真不知是想滿足何等想像。當韓國男星極盡能事的展現胸肌雄風,韓國女星也總是稱職的扮演著迎合男性的挑逗角色,露個副臀,然後告訴你,"I am Virgin"。

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