Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fika at IKEA

Left: Early morning in Sweden, puffy face. Just to arrive before
the 10 buck breakfast finishes. Right: I love the 1 dollar set :)
Back in 2007-2008 I was living in Taiwai (大圍), Hong Kong. An ideally frugal afternoon for me was to take train to Shatin (沙田), which is only 1 stop from Taiwai (train fare was about 12 NTD), and spend few hours reading in IKEA cafe, with a refillable coffee and some Swede desserts.

In 2008 to 2009 I was living in Uppsala, Sweden, of course we got an IKEA but simply taking a bus there was luxury to me (about 75NTD) so it wasn't really an option, only when I got some special reason, like a breakfast set of 10 bucks (45 NTD). The 10 buck set includes 2 buns with butter and jam, small salad, bacon, ham and cheese, and refillable coffee with milk. The picture was taken after the Uppsala IKEA was renovated in 2009; the new restaurant has a panoramic view.

2009-2010. There's no IKEA in Korea, so I got no story about their restaurant (however, IKEA products can be purchased via local resellers, like this).

2010 Onwards, Singapore - the IKEA @ Queenstown is the same as I last visited years ago when I was an exchange at NUS. Some updates from the restaurant:

1 dollar cinnamon bun + refillable black coffee

New coffee machine ($0.5). Latte & Cappuccino available ($1.5).

New prices

Auto Ice Cream Machine
Fun place. I had a nice afternoon teatime with my Korean colleague Jessica, chatting about our early 20s :) 

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