Monday, November 21, 2011

1 Year in Singapore : Titanic, Dalí, and you can have TWG Tea ice cream

Having lived in Singapore for slightly over a year I have finally adjusted my attitude. First of all, I expanded my consumerist activities in Singapore by squandering money on events and dining (I may come up with my recommendation list some time later). 

Few weeks ago we visited the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Hotel for the Titanic Exhibition and Salvador Dalí exhibition.

The Titanic Exhibition is a typical SG type of thing, rather than being educational or intellectual, it is crafted more for entertainment purposes.

There are 2 scenes set up for photo shooting, the first is right at the entrance; you'll also be given a Titanic boarding pass (of a real Titanic passenger) with which you can look for your destiny at the end of the exhibition. 

KC promised if I were dead and he'd survived, he'll give me his. It turns out that we both survived. Maybe all us visitors are given boarding passes of survived passengers, otherwise, this would really make someone's day. 

Dalí & Velázquez
There was also Dalí exhibition when we visited (it finished mid November already). I have long known this guy since I visited his exhibition in Taipei I dunno how many decades ago (ewe, maybe nearly 2?).

So interestingly, what I have learned from this exhibition is that, he literally designed Chupa Chups logo (!).

There were some pieces of his Lobster phone series; such items were also new to me, as I thought I was too young to be told of its implications when I first learned about him.

I wonder if this has anything to do with what Alain De Botton mentioned in his Status Anxiety, about a guy walking a lobster on a leash in the park. Well I think there should be some serious study on the representation of lobster in modern European culture.

Last but not least, we have tried some ice cream from TWG Tea during our visit. It's situated inside the MBS mall; only some TWG salons serve ice cream. Single scoop 5 bucks and double 9. They've got really nice selection of tea-infused stuff.

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