Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fika @ FIKA

Fika is one the the very first Swedish words I learned, and it is also deemed as a key word to knowing Swedish culture. You might use the concept of "coffee break" or "tea time" to understand fika, but somehow fika is still slightly different from these 2 words as it usually refers to moments spent with people, not on your own.

So this so called Swedish restaurant is named FIKA, serving a variety of Swedish courses, desserts, and beverages. As I am not a big fan of Swedish dishes (they taste either too raw or too salty for me), I only tried their fika set (tea set), and as fika can go on any time of the day, not necessarily in the afternoon, the fika set is served throughout the day, pricing at SGD 9.9+.

And so here I was, enjoying a wonderful afternoon. I tried the Strawberry Daiquiry Cake and Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake with 2 Swedish fruit tea and black tea. I did not try their coffee as I realized the brand they are using is not Swedish brands like Gevalia or  Löfbergs Lila but Lavazza (I love Lavazza but it's just not what I am here for!?).
fika cafe : No. 257 Beach Rd (5 min walk from Bugis stn); Tel. 63969096

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