Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LOW CLASSIC, High Fashion

A blend of European simplicity and Korean sophistication

~All Photos Courtesy of LOW CLASSIC~

Newly founded by Lee Myoung Sin, Park Jin Sun, and Hwang Hyunji in 2009, LOW CLASSIC enjoys unparalleled popularity as a result of Lee's participation in Project Runway Korea.    
Their brand campaign started with hosting temporary pop up stores in Hyundai Department Stores, entering Seoul's hippest select store Åland (에이랜드, which I will introduce next time), and now they are also found in  ÅLAND after ÅLAND 홍대 OUTLET and LOCLE (situated inside Doota).

This is my first piece of LOW CLASSIC, after more than a year, it's still one of my favorite items("賣非佛",呵呵). I like it so much that I attended my thesis presentation in Sweden last April in this dress.

My second LOW CLASSIC, a suede clutch/shoulder flat folding bag. Price: 59800 won. As KC and I were such mysterious customers, Miss Lee gave us this bracelet as a souvenir.

Black chain bracelet, u.p. 12000 won.

Patched knit leggings. 32000 won. Comes in 2 colors (and I own both, hehe).

I like their sophistication embodied in a simplistic fashion. No mass production, but reasonably priced. Many Seoul fashionistas continue to keep a close eye on LOW CLASSIC. While stocks last

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