Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Haven't I Told You, Norway is Definitely NOT a Fashion Icon"

A Swedish hottie once told me how she thought about Oslo, Norway, after coming back from her business trip, "Pizza's damn expensive. Also, I can't believe they are still wearing crochet!!!"
曾有位瑞典正妹跟我說她出差到挪威奧斯陸的心得 : "Pizza真貴。還有,他們不知道是怎麼穿衣服的,竟然會土到穿針織衫!"

So when I came across this on a Taiwanese fashion magazine (introducing a collection by a Japanese girl brand iimk), a corner of my mouth curved up.

I know the Scandinavian countries are famous for their design. However, when it comes to fashion, Sweden is the only Nordic country famous for being fashionable nation-wide. Not Norway. And not even anywhere close to the Arctic Circle. Please, sister.

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