Sunday, November 28, 2010

Soul Sister

For a period of time, this was the song that came to my ears when I stepped into MokDong Hyundai Department store. It just gives me the uplifting mood, and also it reminds me of numerous beautiful memories dining, shopping, and hanging out there with Casey.

Play it loud. You'll love it.

有段時間,這是我一踏進木洞現代百貨的Young Plaza會聽到的歌。當時許小臉用他的nexus one裡的一個application查出這首歌,是Train的Hey, Soul Sister。這首歌的歡快氣氛,伴隨著我們在現代百貨裡吃喝玩樂的美好回憶,以至於每回聽到,總會不自覺掛上一抹微笑。


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