Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rich Apple, Poor Apple? No, it's Affordable Korean Apple

Sometimes popular things are not popular solely because they are superior. Same reasoning applies to the popularity of Korean products in Singapore, why? Though they are superior to products of this region (South East Asia), a lot of times they still lose competitive edge to Japanese products in terms of quality. Let's say, you buy apples of Chinese, American, or Italian origin, which are priced around 5 for $2, and once in a while you wouldn't mind trying Korean apple that is $1.2 for one but double the size of the cheap ones. But it's very unlikely that you would shift your expectation of the price of an apple to $3-$5 or higher and go for a Japanese apple on a regular basis. So a possible explanation for the high visibility of Korean products("Korean Fashion", "Korean Accessories", etc) in Singapore is not because they are the best, but that they are affordable luxury.

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