Monday, January 10, 2011

Samsung, Still Sucky in Camera?

I still remember KC used to own a Samsung camera years back, whose performance was pretty disappointing. Likely, though his last mobile phone was an expensive model from Samsung with lots of breathtaking features, the camera sucks big time.

As KC is now using htc Nexus One, in order to operate on the same OS, Samsung's Galaxy S seems the best option for me, plus, it was on sale for 138 SGD with 56SGD monthly plan (free incoming calls, 200 mins free local calls and 500 sms, 12 GB data bundle). Again, this time I was disappointed by its camera: no FLASH, and the quality also falls far behind that of the Nexus One.

A simple comparison here, both pictures taken by me:

Using my Samsung Galaxy S

Using KC's htc Nexus One, with flash. You can even spot the oil stain on his shirt thanks to HK flying pork (it's another story).

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