Monday, January 17, 2011

Styling Xu Xiao Lian

和大部分首爾男一樣,許小臉相當注意儀容,可他更難搞的地方在於他又不想穿得跟首爾男一樣,也不買韓國牌子,所以不管到哪,他總是第一個想跑百貨公司看衣服,取取經(要我,首先跑的就是博物館XD)。最近回顧電腦裡的相片,整理出幾個focus items,那些東西描繪出了我們走過的地方和歲月,睹物思事,挺有意思的。

Styling is a like trajectory of life, which reveals your mood, condition, and taste at different times. Due to concerns like product availability and budget, styling becomes more interesting because it is challenging. A few tips I concluded from reviewing KC's fotos over the years are as follows (click to enlarge picture. Xu Xiao Lian refers to KC) :


A wool scarf I got for KC from agnès b, priced at 599HKD, made in Italy. One side is olive green and the other light beige, pretty handy for mix match. One thing I love about scarf is that with the same item you can look good even with an undie (of course, it can't be crumpled). Another line from agnès b is SPORT b..We loved SPORT b. several years ago but not so much nowadays. We feel that it's just too much in Asia, and the pricing does not reflect the fact that more and more of their products are now produced in China.
BTW, in the above pictures he's wearing the scarf in a very Korean way, haha.
(Pictures taken in 2007, HK, 24 years of age.)

Another wool scarf from H&M @ Seoul for around 39,000 won, made in China. Insisting to look gentleman, he's still wearing it in 30+ degree Singapore (left) and Taipei (right). He said he has reached the age to look classy, so simply wearing a polo or cotton shirt would not be right, and a classic polka dot scarf would do the job.
(Taken in 2010 summer, in SG and Taipei, 27 years of age)


Fred Perry beanie I got in Sweden for about 249 SEK (around 1250 NTD). The logo itself probably tells you the owner has some brand concern and is also a smart consumer, given that Fred Perry is reasonably priced in Europe. Beanie helps enliven your winter outfit and create layering look. Also, since KC thinks fully zipping the down jacket is no trendy, but not fully zipping up may let freezing air in, adding a beanie can solve the problem and keep your head warm.
(Taken in early 2009, Sweden, 26 years of age.)


We love this sweater from H&M. Usual price was 59000 won and we bought it with 50% off. It's made of cotton and can be worn in all seasons. In summer (middle) it goes well with a tank or undie inside, and at other times it's perfect with shirts of any color. All in all, it brings new look to your shirts and they won't look boring. 
(Taken in 2010 summer and autumn, Seoul, 27 years of age.)


Think I am just lucky to have found this bag, made of genuine leather with thoughtful pockets and wonderful details. 2400 NTD from SOAP, my favorite boutique in Taipei. It is one of the very few things of mine that KC thought about taking from me (and he did).


A cotton vest I got (again, haha) from CK Jeans for about 80000 won after 50% off. It does the same job as sweater, basically to add some vitality and change to your shirt inside. However, KC now seldom wears vest as he thinks it's too Korean to wear vest (yes, you might have realized that vest is already a typical item for Korean guys nowadays).

Last but not least comes...

Beret! Yes I haven't talked about shoes as I do not have enough pictures on my laptop to write a paragraph about it. And I have not talked about KC's office wear either. I'd love to share some ideas about selecting man suit as this took me some time to learn the lessons and I am still learning. Anyway. Here, need not to say much. If your man has baby face like KC, and you also happen to look...well, your age, then you can put on a pair of glasses and a beret to make him look maturer. Smart move, isn't it!

( Taken in 2010 summer, Seoul. Beret from Uniqlo, 7000 won after 50% off, something like that.)

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