Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cake Cutting As Culture

I came across the Happy Birthday video clip of Tae Yang of Big Bang. At around 00:43, check how he cut the cake.
在網路上偶然看到Big Bang的太陽切蛋糕(第43秒),讓我想起了在韓國時切蛋糕的情景。

Blatantly cutting it into halves. That's how Korean people do. It is quite different from the Taiwanese way I am used to, that we usually cut from the center, and we do not cut cake into halves, as if implying something not very auspicious. An example of Taiwanese cutting cake (see 00:15):

I observed that Chinese and Hong Kongese do not have the same concern and they do cut cake the same way Korean do. Perhaps a matter of habit, I just dun feel right when I see cake cut into halves.

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