Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lördag - My Home in Sweden

Early Autumn in 2008, my second time to Sweden; this time, for my Master degree.
This house is where I lived. It's owned by a Swedish couple, who were retired professors from Uppsala University. They have lived in this house for more than 4 decades, from a newlywed couple to grandparents of a bunch of cute kids.

My room is called Lördag (click to enlarge), "Saturday" in English. Just a year before I moved in, it was a tiny boutique owned by the landlord granny, and because it opened basically only on Saturdays, hence the name. It's a semi-basement, somehow a bit damp, protecting me from the dryness of Sweden.

This is what you see when you enter the room.

Other scenes of the room. You can see me studying hard in the top 2 pictures, haha. Sometimes at my desk, sometimes at dinner table. Maybe you can guess where the kitchen is. I did not have picture for the washroom, but it was the best in the world. I used to make calls to KC in the washroom, and I also love to read in there too. It's just adorable.

Because this place is so cozy, sometimes I could even stayed indoors 2 to 3 days without walking out in the freezing open. In Winter, counting how deep the snow has become used to be my daily practice. It really made me think.

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