Sunday, May 15, 2011

Introducing FeetManSeoul - My Fav Korean Fashion Blog

A lot of you may have already been following The Sartorislist, savoring beautiful street scenes and stylish people in his lens. Working mostly in Europe and the States, he has recently visited Seoul and took a few snapshots. But only if you are aware, that a lot of the people he featured are not random people in the street; they are celebs, like the Korean woman he shot in Gangnam.
Whereas there's no lack of Euro-American fashion blog, I especially wanna introduce FeetManSeoul, who's got Korean high fashion  as well as down-to-earth Seoul street styles.

也許你想過,有沒有一個韓國版的The Sartorialist? 我想是有的,差別是,這個韓國版的fashion blog,比鏡頭下多為模特或名人的The Sartorialist 親民得多;他眼裡有韓國的high fashion,也有首爾街頭的street style - FeetManSeoul.

(Alright, all images courtesy of FeetManSeoul, guys should all go there and check it out!)

MVIO is a mid-priced Korean fashion brand with a neat and dandy feel. I like it.
IMG_6400 copy

IMG_6646 copy

IMG_6954 copy

Hey, this is how the majority of Seoul girls really look like! I really adore the girls FeetManSeoul features, I think he's got a distinct taste of Seoul girls.
IMG_4700 copy 3

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