Monday, May 2, 2011

My 2X3 Square Meter Home in Hong Kong

Previously I had shared my current room in Singapore. Now I am gonna recall the smallest-ever room of mine, back in Hong Kong (2007~2008).

The landlord remodelled her flat into 4 individual rooms of different sizes. Each room has a tiny washroom inside, but no kitchen. This is the door to my room.

Mine is the smallest among the 4 rooms. It's about 2X3 square meters, with a mini washroom. I have a whole side of windows to the right of my bed. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to stay in such tiny space. I am claustrophobic.

My last days in HK. Position of bed was changed by then already.

It's my smallest-ever living space, but a place where I had the biggest-ever dreams.

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