Friday, May 20, 2011

The Way to Gender Equality

The Grand Narrative, one of my fav blogs on Korea, recently has a post discussing Korean woman's role of childcare. He mentioned that only woman appears in the signs that involve child caring, such as this:
The Grand Narrative最近有篇文章討論韓國女性的社會形象,他說,在他所能見到的每個和照顧小孩有關的標示裡,都僅有女人出現,暗指這個社會尚認為照顧孩童是女人的責任,同時,他也點出,在其他西方國家也會看到類似標示,顯然韓國不是孤例。以下是他在韓國拍攝的一個標示:

Which reminds me of a picture I took in Sweden several years ago:
(Ooops, this is not a very good one as both adult images are missing one leg. Can't blame, it's in the middle of the road!)

A better awareness of gender equality is one of the top reasons I admire Sweden.
男女平等是我最仰慕瑞典的原因之一(事實上,待了瑞典就難免覺得很多歐美國家相較之下在思想上仍舊相當落後,特別是美國 =.=)。

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